Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quickies #3



It has been 3 days already and yet I have done nothing. I mean things that can generate money. Or in other words we call as working. lame,nak explain pasal tak kerja lagi pon kena guna ayat panjang.

There is a problem with my blogger. I can't type in the entries directly. So I have to use Microsoft word every time I want to post an entry. It's quite hard mind you. I still can't figure out what the problem is. I can sign in like usual but when I click the "new post" button, it takes a long time to load and the "edit html" will appear as default, not the "compose" part. The loading circle will still be there even you left it for hours!

So,anyone, do tell me if you know the solution for this problem. I have cleared the cache, the cookies etc etc for few times but still the problem is unsolved. Please!

Ok, now stop talking randomly. Let's see what I had done in the 3rd day.

Woke up like usual, helping mama preparing the breakfast. After they had gone to school, I watched tv; morning programs really kill me with boredom. At noon-helping mama with cooking; the lunch is yummy! I can't stop myself from eating. Haiyaakkk!!! I need to control or else I have to join "The Biggest Loser" program. Mama said" macam mana lemak tak berkumpul, exercise malas". Sigh.

In the evening, we watched the Philippine's drama again – Marimar. Well, I have no choice since mama is the madame of this house. But today's episode has grabbed my attention. HAHA. The plot is quite complicated but when mama explains to me, the story seems fun to watch. Before this, I have watched "Pangako Sa Yo" and "Sanay Wala Ng Wakas" ( can't remember the spelling well) because Jericho Rosales is the hero. In this drama, Marimar, I think I am in love with Sergio! Handsome, tough, cool, yada yada yada ; except for his ear piercings which made me "auwww…gross!". However, that's the only defect that I can see now EHEH

Mama made jempu jemput pisang a.k.a cekodok. Serius laku giler. For seconds everyone's face looks like a hungry wolf when waiting for the cekodok to get cold a bit before we can eat them.

At night, like usual (eceyh bajet macam dah duduk rumah sebulan dua) I'm waiting for E.U; today's episode is quite interesting and I am looking forward for the ending! "Footprints on Sand" seems interesting too (heh kau ni apa yang tak menarik entah) but I love "Falling in Love" more. Oh yeah, "Rosy Business" has also caught the eyes of mine. Can't wait for the next episode!

Fyi, all the dramas I mentioned above are either mandarin or Cantonese dramas.

I continued watching running man at tv; episode 32. Part 4 just can be played for 10 sec which made me so depressed as I had waited for hours to download that part only and I had downloaded it for 4 times!

Gave up on that and just watched it until the end. After typing this, I'm going to watch yakikate japan! Weeeehaaaaa

Just checked out the dramacrazy website and the d-addict, many dramas will be aired soon! Can't wait!

All in all, if I haven't started to work yet, I think all the entries you'll be reading are just craps; I mean most of them will be about dramas. Just bear with them. MUAHAHAHAHA



p/s: I have no idea for what job should I apply but I have to find money a.s.a.p! That person's birthday is just around the corner!

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