Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Things #2 or #3

it's so obvious that i don't have any idea on what to write at the title part. and I am not even sure it should be 2 or 3. pffftt

salam and hi people!

it has been a long time since i wrote here. even my holiday diaries are still in the dashboard. and what's happening here? i'm writing in English?
Hellooo..EAW fever is not ending yet! HAHA.

FYI, EAW stands for English for Academic Writing, a subject taken this sem, merely about how to write a good thesis (for a beginner). The class is about 3 hours per day and 2 times per week, which will really make you feel tired about this English thingy.

But still I find learning English is better than Bahasa Melayu. Ooopss!

Mind you, during Form 4, I had once been one of the highest scorers in English but one of the lowest in BM. So ironic.And mama even said when she saw the result, "Anak mat salleh ke ni?". HAHA. that's funny -.-" Abah? Cool aje. "It's ok, try again next time." Cayalah!

Ok, i'm not trying to emphasize here that my English is good or whatsoever. I'm still a learner, an amateur. I think it's my primary school english classes had taught me everything. All my English teachers were all Indians. They were nice, but they could be as fierce as the lion. Seriously! I still remembered when I was in Standard 4, my English teacher had this habit; she would throw our books outside the class if she wasn't satisfied with the homework. I used to see my book flew with my own eyes, into the drain. Luckily, the drain was not wet. Yeah, luckily. And compared to Penulisan, I prefer English Essay. I can write pages of Essay but not for Penulisan. and sometimes, I don't even know how to start the introduction. But I still use BM as my first language. =)

oh, did I mention that today's title is Random Things? Does it relate to each other, Random Things and EAW? My bad , people. and I have a feeling that this entry is gonna be a long entry. It's up to you whether to read it till the final dot or just click the "X" there. =)

Now, a few trivia about this sem:

1) I have been able to finish about 4 novels - Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern, The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham, The Shoe Princess's Guide to the Galaxy by Emma Boyd, and The Gap Year for Grown Ups by Annie Sanders. There are another 3 in the queue, which even me myself don't know when I can hold and read them.

2) This sem is the busiest sem I ever have, with tonnes of assignments, presentations and lab reports, not to mention that EAW report. Alhamdulillah, our group had finished while the other group still in the making process. Thanks to Madam M for making our lives so hectic the past few days. At least I managed to get few hours to sleep while some of my groupmates were not.

3)I'm going to receive a souvenir from Australia eveyone! HAHA. so sorry for over reacting. but hey, wouldn't u feel the same?  i'm not asking for it anyway, just giving a hint. HAHA. going to check for the parcel tomorrow!

4) My time management is so bad! I am not watching too much dramas this sem let alone to online. Thanks to the super slow Internet. I don't even have the chance to skype with my  family.I miss them so much. Do they miss me? I hope they do and will remember me during their trip to Terengganu this weekend. I'm not joining them for good. Hopefully. even though mama asked me to go from here. and I refused to do so.I'm not willing to go through the exhausting journey. not now.

5) The 5 months holiday really makes my body feels bad! I will feel tired quickly. When I went for jogging with Ru and Yana for the first time in this sem,I had realized my stamina had become so terribly terrible.I have to control my food intake. I'm doing it now. Never ever offer me something nice just to test my patience or else you will receive a glare or hear me whining. Thank you.

6) I had joined volleybal for the Interbatch Games. It was fun even though we couldn't bring back any medals. It's worth for an experience. The last time I had the ball in my hand was during Form 2. Yana called me Lady Gagah as I made a weird expression in the photo while everyone gave a lively one. Unfortunately, I can't upload it here.thanks to the super slow internet again.Yeah, seriously it is fun if you don't consider the muscle ache as the side effects. I have to take medicine prescribed to treat the inflammation. My face had got seriously tanned too. It's good for you not to play it outdoor especially when the sun is shining and scorching just above your head!

7) I already have my own jersey! with my name written on it! yeay! FANA with the word H for Halim, my father's name. instead of putting the letter for K or F (only my bestfriends know what is this). HAHA. consider it as an appreciation to my father. I'm a good daughter, am I? I''m so excited as this is my first time to own a jersey. even though managing them really gives me headache. It's not easy to handle 36 different requests in a short time!

8) My midterm results are not something that can be proud of. I had flunk a paper. maybe 2. badly. until it made me eating about 9 slices of Secret Recipe cakes.and later i regretted for doing that as it caused the fat in me to increase. what a terrible me. Thanks to Hanis, Yana, Akmar and Jibah for bringing me there and hearing me whining all evening. And i cried a river. In my heart at first.I won't show the sadness to anyone even to my family. Then, I desperately looked for a sad movie, and wasted so many pieces of tissues while watching it. And that's it. I'm Lady Gagah, remember? :')

Now, I have to work harder. Yes, Work harder, Dilligently and Intelligently. I have enjoyed so much and now I really need to put a full stop to it. I have to think of my goals frequently.

9) I have this one habit, reading blogs written by overseas students. Pagihari.solarstreak.com has always been my favorite.Amri, u are such amazing talented people! and the latest, Hanafedora.co.uk. thanks to wawa for recommending this blog! it's marvellous! they are like my motivator and my inspiration. One day, I'm gonna be like them. Insyaallah. do pray for me! =)

10) Tomorrow i'll be having 2nd quiz for Genetics. and what am I doing now? I should hit the books!

till then. toodles!

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