Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weak Weekend

The internet is super duper slow.Dear IIUM WiFi, you're getting on my nerve!so irritating. :/

Salam and hi people!

First of all, I don't know what this :/ stands for. I just use it anywhere I like.

Yesterday, Abah called and told me Anim is going for an interview at Shah Alam this coming Tuesday. The SPC interview for The Fast Track Programme perhaps. The programme that is based on the Trial result allows you to start your study before the actual SPM result is out. The one that I couldn't apply when I was Form 5 due to some reasons. Oh my, I am so jealous!

She's so lucky for getting this opportunity as she has worked hard for the past 2 years. I can see that. In fact, all of us can see that. I mean, who will stay quietly studying and doing Add Math exercises while everyone is having fun watching telly during Hari Raya? But she will. And she did. Until one of my aunts wishes that their son will be like her. And she got 9 A's for her Trial. It's not impossible for her to get the same result for SPM too.

I am imagining how it will be if me and her are in the same university, ok it's not necessary to be in the same U but somewhere in overseas (how I wish I can study in London even the cost is so killing me), and living under one roof. I am doing my Masters while she's doing her Undergrad studies there. Won't it be exciting? I'm looking forward for that. :)

I hope she can get through the interview and manage to secure a place for her. So that she's not going to waste her 5 months holiday of doing nothing except sleeping and eating. Like me. What a shame.

When I woke up this morning, I received a call thru Skype from Abah. Yeah, they're in Terengganu right now, attending my cousin's reception, and after that will head to Kelantan. How I wish I can join them.

However, it is so impossible. There are tonnes of assignments that await for me to finish them. Last week, we were given another assigment.Sigh.Next week, there will be two important presentations to be done.Sigh.

The most important thing is, there are less than 3 weeks for me to sit for the final exams and I still don't have the time even to thumb through the books!Sigh.

and what am I doing here, sighing all over? I should start typing the assignments now. Oh no, I should go for lunch first and then start typing the assignments. That's better, right?

Till then.

p/s: I'm thinking of blogging in English but sometimes I will use Malay too. This is the best way to improve and strengthen my English besides reading and listening to English songs. Just my 2 cents. =)

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