Saturday, December 31, 2011

HI 2012, BYE BYE 2011


1) it's kinda sad to leave 2011 when you realize that you have achieved nothing much. especially when there was a long holiday that made you lazier and increased your weight.sigh.

2) i've been thinking a lot about my achievements this year and they are so little to be proud of. basically, nothing. hurmmm..let's think about the changes of myself. yeah, it becomes worse when it comes to financial part. Spending a lot of money on food,food and food and then regretting about it. Suddenly i feel like i'm so pathetic.

Fortunately, Abah always says "habiskan duit untuk makan takpe." hehe :D

3) Two of my midterm papers were doomed. Luckily, not that bad. At least, my carry marks might help and there are still finals!

4) Now, let's find the good things. Hurmmm..I manage to sleep early almost everyday in this sem. It's good to have your biological cycle back as normal. Finishing all the assignments before the dateline, means that my procrastination level is between low and medium. hurrmm..a good achievement indeed!

5) The weather in Kuantan is not stable. Well, it's the monsoon season so, just get ready with socks and comforter! It's so cold until I can't walk on the floor without the slippers. Ok fana, how to survive later in UK? :S

6) Jibah is going to be 22 in few days! Oucchhh!

7) How fast the time flies. My cousin was married few weeks ago and today, my second cousin is having his reception. and I can't attend any of them. T_T

8) Suddenly, this marriage thingy makes me worry. Anim told me that my aunt asked her about me having any bf yada yada yada. Ohhh.. that's disaster! How should I avoid these questions later?Now, I'm thinking of not going back to kampung this coming holiday.HAHA. and for sure Abah will not let me do that.

 9) Dear aunts, I'm still young. What's the point of rushing? Let me go through this beautiful,exciting and adventure journey of learning peacefully. I have my own ambitions and goals. DON'T BOMBARD ME WITH THOSE BF/HUSBAND/MARRIAGE QUESTIONS. Seriously I don't feel like answering them. Let Allah decides when will it be.

10) I hope I can score the finals. I'm working hard and dilligently now. Ya Allah, please ease everything for me and my friends.

11) I miss home! I miss tv!sobs sobs

12) Izzuddin is going to attend the primary school already! Oh, our "baby" has grown up.  No more "baby" in our house anymore after this I guess. So sad. Maybe we can call him Adik Iz ? Glamour! :P

13) I really hope my sister will get one of the MRSMs. I don't want her to study in that "school" which I know how the students behave. It gives me goosebumps when I think about how spoiled they are. and I always refer them as "budak teruk" (sorry, no offense.A general hypothesis actually) especially the school that's next to that "school". I can't imagine how she can study in a school like that.

14)  You are my friend but I think we are big enough to decide everything especially those simple matters. Don't call me and wasting your credit just to ask the easy peasy questions!

15) I'm sorry for writing it here. It just bothers me a lot and I don't have the guts to tell you straight in your face.

till then.

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