Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WoW! EnGLisH EntRy?


this entry doesn't mean to hurt anyone.just to make me feel better before i start to study chem!
nak try jugak tulis entri dalam english.nak relieve stress and pressure before i gain weightanother pressure!and of course saje nak tengok my english level dah drop ke berapa degree celcius

let's see!!

I’m so tensed with my life here. i don’t know how should I manage those problems. Those people around me sometimes make me sick!! I hate those hypocrites. I hate those people who likes to sms but when you meet them face to face they will ignore you, pretending they don’t see you. I hate those people who are bossy, like to give order to other people. They will just add the pressure and zits on my face!Seriously I hate them!wall

But I will always meet them. O Allah the Almighty please gives me the strength to face those people.

I found that my life here is making me more sad compared to PJ. At least in PJ, I can often meet my sister and uncle, sharing my happy moments with them. Spilling my problems to them. I miss those times very much.

I am so bored trapping in this room, in this small compartment. Luckily, my best friend is in the same room with me, I can have someone to chat and share my problem. I can’t imagine how my life here going to be without her existence.ohno

Me myself also don’t know why I’m so emotional and very exhausted tonight. Perhaps it is caused by the coming organic chem Midterm exam this Monday or because I squeezed my brain really hard last night to finish the report and stayed until 3 am thus making me to behave like a zombie in the class this morning. Have to skip breakfast and lunch just to finish the report. It’s really hard but I have to endure it, so that I can grab my dreams.

I miss those days in PJ a lot even I don’t like that place much. I missed how we can laugh in rooms 116C ,326C, and 430B, ZC. I miss how we can stay awake all night just to watch Korean dramas. I miss how we can do birthday surprises, throw a surprise party until the birthday girl will drop tears. Even me myself don’t have the experience but I don’t mind. I love to see those happy faces. It makes me happier than them actually.

Here, we don’t meet each other often, and I am so scared that our friendship is going to be very far from us. I really hope that our friendship will always near, somewhere in our heart. love

Right now, I can really feel the loneliness, and again trapping in this compartment of mine makes me feel bored and alone. I can’t feel the existence of the other two persons which are my roommates, except my only truly best friend a.k.a miss roommate which will always stay beside me unconditionally.Except during last ramadhan, where we can always eat together, a thing that we seldom do during these normal days. It’s just like this room belongs to the two of us only.However, I know they're so busy.

but still i can feel the joy after 2 months being in here. thanks to my friends for shining like a sunshine and making my life brighter here.thanks to kak yana for always bringing me and najibah to pasar malam and bazar ramadhan. =) you'll always be our dearest driver..hehe

I really hope I can overcome this. I have to! confident

i have to disagree with this.

my friends are valuable, but piss is valueless =)

p/s : my english is getting worse seriously! berkarat! all the sentences sangat2 SKEMA! macam banyak grammatical error! i don't know why but i know my EAP later is going to be suck. OH NO!!! i need help guys!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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Ainnudin Asyraf B. Ali said...

Sabar2, kite kurangkan kontrovesi, tingkatkan prestasi, okeh !!! =D