Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RaMBLinG # 2


sila jawab salam yang diberi kalau tidak dosa.

hari ni hari yang sangat is a long day.baru belajar terjemahan tadi terus semangat nak terjemah bagai.and yeah, hari ini bagi aku memang dirasakan sangat panjang.maka nak emo sikit dalam blog.kalau tak tak de nye aku nak letak tajuk rambling.:shouted:


i'm tired.i'm exhausted.and i need a rest.and of course my mind will never let my body to do so.but my heart is against it.consequently, i become confused, and don't know what to do.blur.

a few days had passed.and i'm still in confusion.i'm burning inside,but still i want to act cool.i don't like to be emo, that's why i'm trying to be happy all the time.i try to forget all the unhappy things.

too many troubles hit me right now.sometimes i feel helpless.and i feel like the pressure can't be relieved. i'm confused.again.and sad =(

how to deal with this and that type of people?only one thing i know-i have to deal with them wisely.if not, i'll just be like them!and i don't want it to happen!

frankly speaking it's really hard to deal with "bodoh sombong" type.the definiton? just like the words used - dah bodoh sombong pulak.

hey,didn't u notice that u r in this type?tak de orang bagitahu dekat kau?oh yeah of course not because u are still behaving like that!

please,please and please(i repeat the word 3 times,so i really mean it)

don't ever ever underestimate other people abilities!don't don't ever think that u r so great and everyone has to obey u! me - never!

it really sucks when i think what u have done to me.what u have spoken.i can think,i can feel and i can understand what u are trying to say.i'm not blind and deaf!all the actions and words of yours really made me burning and sick!i'm human too! i do have feelings and mind to think!and i use my mind to think before talking! KAU ADA GUNA?

people will never believe in ur great shadow forever.

i'm so mad until i want to cry.but i will never let my tears drop just because of some other people yang bodoh sombong!sia sia je.

i have to be strong.yes i have to.because i have to deal with many challenges waiting for me ahead.and i know i always have my family and friends standing behind me and supoorting for me.

i'll prove to you!just wait and see!

p/s:ok,dah lepas semua,dah boleh sambung study.perlu lupa semua ni dan mulakan hari ini dengan ceria

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a's said...

be patience.Allah will give your reward of all the good deeds from your heart.just let him be his way,someday he will realize it by himself perhaps