Monday, January 31, 2011



i'm home and it's great that everyone is at home right now,except anim.she's coming home this wed.can't wait to see many stories going to be blurted haha . of course the best part when u talk about home is food . and the cosy room. and the fastest bandwidth for the great internet connection ever. and the unblocked 4 shared and media fire.and the fact that u don't have to share the single tv remote control with hundreds of people!'s really nice to be at home.

even there will be 4 more papers after this break.*sigh*

and that means u can't enjoy this holiday to the fullest as u must bring all the notes books watsoever with u. core course punya exam pulak tu!rocket

oh yeah, instead of mumbling and nagging about those books and notes, i think i should place them on the desk,at least. still i haven't done that yet.oh yeah,just took the biochem notes from the bag few hours ago but still remain untouched,till now.

so,macam ni kah nak score sem ni cik fana? with all those killing questions in the past quiz paper, still thinking of not studying? ingat sikit protein and amino acids ade 98 slides!!ohno

really have to start studying tomorrow.seriously!*mak ai berkobar-kobar malam ni berazam nak studi esokspirit

it's 3.40 a.m now, really should get some sleep or else esok tengok notes biochem macam menyelak majalah Wanita (?)

p/s: i keep reading all the entries here for the whole night! incurable current addiction!

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